Every project is unique

What each of Mark Levine's collaborations share is that they are true partnerships with the lead author, whether or not Levine receives a byline. He is experienced at working together on concept memos which are used to attract interest from agents, preparing formal book proposals, and obviously, researching and writing complete manuscripts. Levine is also skilled at editing and revising existing manuscripts and coaching writers through their own process. He has helped individuals navigate the traditional publishing process, and also guided them through the worlds of self-publishing, self-distribution, and self-promotion. Levine draws on his extensive contacts with editors, agents, and publicists to provide whatever help his clients need. Fees are based on the stage and scope of the project and any extraordinary time pressure.

Fee structure for the traditional publishing process

  • Upfront fee for concept memo
  • Upfront fee for proposal (less fee for writing concept memo)
  • Advance from publisher (less fees fo writing memo and proposal)
  • Publication payment from publisher
  • Author receives all royalties up to the total amount of monies already paid to ghostwriter
  • Once royalty payments equal monies paid to ghostwriter, subsequent royalties are split on an agreed upon basis

Fee structure for the self publishing process

  • Upfront payment for taking on project
  • Final payment upon completion
  • Author receives all monies earned from sales of books

The size of fees and the terms of royalty splits and expense reimbursements are subject to negotiation.

If clients prefer, Mark Levine charges at an hourly rate of $100 per hour.