Everyone has a book inside them. The secret is knowing how to pull it out.

Mark Levine is gostryter.

Clear, concise, and accessible are the words most often used to describe Levine's prose. He is an expert at making complex information and abstract concepts approachable for a general readership, and developing narrative structures that best convey that information. He is known for his ability to deliver extraordinarily clean manuscripts under the tightest of deadlines.

A calm demeanor and the utmost professionalism have allowed Levine to successfully collaborate with personalities as varied as a hard-driving former Green Beret, a tranquil Episcopal priest, a systematic Wall Street executive, a streetwise lawyer, a perspicacious creative director, an intense investment banker, and an emotive motivational speaker, among many others.

Levine brings unsurpassed researching and interviewing skills to his projects. In tandem with his ghostwriting, he has conducted and led hundreds of business and individual investigations around the world for Fortune 500 clients. He is a licensed private investigator (New York State #11000200941).

Years of editing books and working with other writers enable Levine to provide supportive and effective coaching to fledgling authors, helping them wend their way through the book writing and publishing process.

Levine has ghostwritten more than 30 books, including multiple international best sellers. As a journalist he has written nearly 100 articles for major magazines and is a three-time National Magazine Award nominee. He is a member of the Authors Guild.